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AIM Italia is the market dedicated to dynamic and competitive SMEs, which are looking for capital in order to finance their growth, thanks to a balanced regulatory approach, suitable for ambitious companies needs.

AIM Italia offers an IPO process tailored on SMEs structure, and built on the figure of the Nomad that support the company during the admission period and during its stay on the market.

Advantages of going public:

1. Capital for Growth: going public allows companies to raise capital in order to finance growth projects

2. Visibility and standing: going public allows companies to enhance their status and reliability towards financial community: customers, suppliers, and each stakeholder

3. Best practice adoption: compliance to Borsa Italiana regulation, commitment to transparency requirements, research publication, formal and substantial requirements, represent strengths for the issuers

4. Support to internationalization: going public allows companies to expand their horizons and increase their international dimension

5. Company valuation: going public allows companies to obtain an objective value and to measure their performance on the market

6. New talents attraction: listed company status favors new talents attraction, that can start a career in a more competitive professional environment


Transaction services

Sia stiate cercando di crescere organicamente o mediante acquisizione, quotarvi per la prima volta in borsa o cedere parte della vostra azienda, siamo in grado di fornirvi un'ampia gamma di servizi correlati alle transazioni che aggiungono valore reale.

Financial advisory services

Servizi di crescita

Mazars adotta un approccio olistico nei confronti delle vostre esigenze commerciali, approccio che riconosce orientamento e crescita della vostra azienda come inseparabili dai vostri obiettivi individuali.


Finanza aziendale

Qualunque siano gli obiettivi della vostra azienda e le vostre ambizioni, i nostri specialisti di Finanza aziendale sono in grado di aiutarvi passo dopo passo.

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