The Manifesto 2019: Unlocking Responsible Luxury

This report is the 2019 edition of The Manifesto: Unlocking Responsible Luxury, the major output published by the research team behind the Sustainable Luxury Academy, Politecnico di Milano and Mazars.

It reflects previous contributions made at the intersection of supply chain management, sustainability and luxury goods while, at the same time, providing a clear roadmap to start taking radical actions.

The Manifesto 2019 channels the enthusiasm and significant contributions of our advisory board, team members and supporters that jointly aim to spread sustainability, responsibility, kindness and the act of empathy across luxury fashion supply networks.

The Manifesto 2019 aims to build a profound knowledge bridge to overcome the mismatches surrounding practical and theoretical languages.

The Manifesto illustrates a clear roadmap through 11 principles to integrate environmental and social responsibility in luxury supply networks. 

There is a specific section dedicated to opinion leaders using their voices for change. From A New Awareness and United Nations Economic Commission for Europe to Orsola de Castro, Marina Spadafora, Coty Jeronimus and Cittadellarte, these exemplars show how to transform talks into actions. Further, there is a clear guidance on how to approach material innovation and circularity with WRAD and Lenzing being the exemplars.

Responsible Production is a specific section focusing on a leather supply chain with multiple actors. The Litehide case, on the other hand, shows how supply chain collaboration could foster environmental stewardship. Subsequently, there is one other comprehensive study: Roadmap to Zero Waste. POLIMI School of Management and Reclaim to Wear channel what must change within fashion supply chains and how textile waste problems could be tackled better. Beira, San Patrignano and Progetto Quid are covered as the exemplars to showcase how to create inclusive, transparent and circular stories by utilising unwanted materials. Beira, San Patrignano and Progetto Quid are our exemplars. The Manifesto also conveys a step by step guide to form a climate change strategy, a report created by Carbonsink. 

Unlocking Responsible Luxury includes also a profound and concrete analysis made by Bongiwe Mbunge, Partner Mazars South Africa, with the title “The essence of a fully integrated sustainability strategy”.

The Manifesto 2019 reflects our vision for unlocking responsible luxury.

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